Did my ex lie? Is he really in a relationship?

A while ago I met a guy who I really liked. I didn't have much information about him but knew he was my ex's neighbor and friend. Me and my ex broke up a year ago and decided to remain friends. So when I was casually talking to my ex it came up that I liked this other guy and my ex immediately told me the other guy was taken and I should move along. A little background history my ex is the type to lie and gets jealous pretty easily , and if it helps I was the one to end the relationship. Do you think my ex was lying? Or was he geuinenly telling the truth?
Also what would you do of you were In his position?


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  • I don't know. You know him better than we do. There are two sides to every story - or lie, in this case.


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  • I am not sure if he was or not but is there a reason you felt you needed to tell him about it?


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  • It's hard to say if he's lying or not, but considering it's his friend I'd stay well away from they guy. Dating your exes friend would just cause complications, and bring too much drama into your life

    If he's lying, then he'd probably try to come between you and his friend if you did date him. It's not worth the aggro


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