My ex broke up with me last month, my head is still spinning and some days its hard has anyone felt the same? How did you pull yourself together?

I can't stop thinking about him and how much I miss him, he was the longest relationship id been in. a few days ago some friends took me out to a club for the first time since before i started seeing the guy and got me to kiss someone. I realised for the first time, it didn't feel right, there was nothing there. it made me realise just how much emotion can change a simple kiss. i can't look at other people the way i looked at him. it hurts, I just wish i knew how to stop feeling this way, how to move on. i guess this is half a question and half a vent, but i don't know what to do, I can never get back with him and since my family didn't exactly like him their words don't exactly comfort me apart from forget about him you'll find someone else. i guess i just neee non biased advice.


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  • I had to realize that she was gone. All the emptiness I was feeling was because I felt I would not have what I had before, but I had to come to terms with the fact that even if I enjoyed it she didn't or she would have stuck around.


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