Me ex kept me on Facebook but restricted me?

My ex broke up with me last week because things were moving too fast and it put him off. He took down he relationship status and restricted me. He still has my sister on it unrestricted. I would love to ask him to try again but I don't know what to do? He hasn't blocked any contact from me or anything. I haven't tried to call him since Thursday when I said I wouldn't be able to collect my stuff from his as the weather was so bad. He has deleted other exes from Facebook just not me?


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  • maybe he wants to try again very soon

    • That's what I was hoping! But I thought I was reading too much into it

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    • oh nvm just realised my bad thought it was another commenter and if its helping then im glad

    • That's ok! My phone messed up and signed into an old account! Lol

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