Ex won't be FB friends but still has pics of us on his profile?

My ex-boyfriend and I broke up about a month ago. It was a bad breakup but we remained semi-civil. Right after the breakup, I defriended him on FB, IG and Snapchat because I didn't want to see what he was doing or if he was with someone else. For about 3 weeks after, we still talked every now (sometimes it would turn into fights) and then but I noticed that he was being a passive-aggressive ass to me, which I called him out on. Next day he told me he didn't want to talk anymore. He says he doesn't have any feelings for me anymore and just wants to move on. I accept that we're no longer together because I don't think he was the right guy for me either, but I wanted to at least be civil and on good terms. I sent him a friend request on FB the other day and he hasn't accepted it, yet he still never deleted the pics of us on his profile. Why won't he accept it?


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  • I've always felt that the deleting of pictures was a very female thing. I think that most guys don't care enough to prune old pictures. Besides, it's kind of a lot of work!

  • He wants a clean break, being friends is a nice idea but it usually just drag old feelings or unhealed wounds out.


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