What's up with this guy?

So as said in my last question the guy that had a girlfriend but told me he liked me because I was cool broke up with his girlfriend a week after I told him I liked him ( or we'll my friend told him for me). Then my friend went up to see how he was doing and he asked her why she was askin him to talk to girls he didn't like and was really rude. That night though I saw him at an event and he kept staring at me and smiling and now I'm just pissed off and confused.


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  • if i didn't know better i would say he liked you but pissed of because of it

  • you are 14. This may sound a bit crazy but when you are that age you aren't all there in the head yet. Your friend could be lying to you about what happened, the kid may have been embarrassed that he was put on the spot and lashed out.


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