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I have a boyfriend but my boyfriend wanna hang out with other girls.. he wants to go to a bar and get girl and have sex.. he wants to do that even he has me. But he says he is getting old so he wants to chill. But he saying like that to his friends. I thinks I am a stupid girlfriend but I really love him. I don't know what to do right now


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  • obviously English is not your first language... but you did pretty good...
    Here is a tip darling... LEAVE THAT MORON...
    how the hell would he want to go out and have sex with another girl? thats an insult to you. and thats irritating. I hate it when people have a partner and their partner denies them... then Why are you a Partner... ur either in or out.
    Leave this guy hon... and i dont say that a lot.
    (its also the reason why i dont care about most cheating "victims")

    • Haha you are right I'm not an American. He is a black man so he used to do like that things which is like go out and have a fun with girls then just have a sex.

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    • Hahaha I can teach you Japanese too

      I'm always wondering why he doesn't wanna have a girlfriend but why he said can you be my girlfriend? I don't understand him!! lol

    • that is something i will tell you about later... being "black" (not really black) i can understand but first!!!
      when can i get my first lesson!!!
      oh.. you never said if you wanted me to teach you English.. i mean your English is good... very good but if you want it better.

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  • Just how the hell can you possibly call him your "boyfriend" when he does things like this.
    I do know one thing though, if I was his girlfriend and he called me stupid, he would be instant History.


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  • Girl, don't take it wrong but this guy doesn't deserve you at all. If he really likes you he shouldn't be behaving like that and want to have sex with other girls. Now it's up to you but you should try to find someone who will love you and deserve you.

  • U gotta figure it out for yourself if it's worth it
    he doesn't respect u enough but you can't help what u feel for him

    • I really love him but he can do anything without me. Like this morning I said do you wanna eat breakfast? And he said go make breakfast. That's all. Even last night I said the whole thing like I know you wanna hang out with other girls and he said and? That's all? Like that. I can't believe that

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    • maybe in his own twisted way he does love u but just because he does that doesn't make it okay for u to take his bullshit
      u deserve better

    • Okay.. thank you for your advice

  • Leave him as he's usuing. you as a doormat


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