How to deal with the guy who's got nerve?

Okay in my last question, I mentioned me and my girl were taking a break... And how I just didn't wanna give up on our relationship, well I still love her. But I'm still by her as a friend and not gonna give up. Last night at church her ex boyfriend was at church or "showed up" at random. After church was out he was talking to her an he grabbed her and kissed her in front of me knowing it would p*ss me off I was so angry I wanted to kill him... What do I do? She didn't like it, but he forced it...


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What Girls Said 1

  • You can't do much you 2 are not togeather like that anymore

    and he so did that on purpose..but who said she didn't like like it?

    she could of but best thing to do is to settle down and let time take its course


What Guys Said 1

  • You don't do anything. Let her make her own mistakes, it's not your problem anymore. If she didn't like it, she would have stopped him.


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