Why am I still hurt over this?

We broke up a few months ago. He lives about 20 minutes away and occasionally we still see each other in the streets. Whenever I see him in the streets he makes sure to get my attention and say hi and that really hurts me. Like I don't talk about it on Facebook, I don't reach out to him and I don't even talk about it with friends. But I'm still hurt and I feel ashamed that I am. Some might think I don't give a damn about him and the situation and at this point he might even think the same thing but.. it's not true. Maybe I do just a little. Maybe I'm disappointed and so hurt over what he did. I wouldn't be able to look in his eyes face to face without crying.


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  • Obviously you liked him a lot and breaking up left a scar in your heart even if it was small. In some little way you still care for him and wish what happened wouldn't have. He says "hi" to you and gets your attention whenever he sees you in the streets because he also still has some feelings for you even if it's small. When two people really like/love and care for each other it really hurts should they break up someday no matter the reason. Usually both are to blame, but of course, not to the same degree for each one. The only thing that can cure that is time. Emotional pain always diminishes over time. Emotions run deep because they have to do with our inner selves. Maybe you are hurt over what he did. Right now seeing him is irritating a scar you have that isn't quite healed yet. Why not stop and talk with him sometime when you meet in the streets rather than his just saying "hi". That might eventually help. If he hurt you deeply then that's another matter. 'Try thinking of something else every time he crosses your mind. Eventually that will work.


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