His ex girlfriend is in the way of us being together... how do I go about this?

It is me and my roommate. We've been living together and he's admitted his feelings towards me and I feel the same.

The only problem is before I moved in he used to live with his ex, they broke up October last year and she's still very clingy of him and tells him on a daily basis she wants him back - they broke up because she cheated.
I don't get involved in any of this, I rather not cause more drama than necessary but me and him talked and... (this is his suggestion) he said he's going to tell her they can't be friends and that he doesn't want her in his life anymore. I suggested telling her to her face rather than text.

So he sat her down and told her basically what we discussed and this is when she says "I'm pregnant"... of course he demanded her to take a pregnancy test. I asked him the last time they had sex and he said the week before they broke up, but apparently she's saying she's not far along enough for a scan so we believe she's lying.

How do we go about this? We want to make our relationship known without having her getting involved.


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  • She can definitely take a pregnancy test from a pharmacy - make sure she does it while he is in the house so she can't swap them out. And she is far along enough for a blood test.
    He can tell her that he'll be there when the paternity test shows it's his. Don't play into her games, if it's his she should have no problem proving it.

    Sounds like a crazy

    • If she is telling the truth, then I would wait until the paternity tests come back and say it's his as he is not the only possibility.
      Why can't she just move on? 😒

    • And I forgot to mention in the info, me and her have a mutual friend that we talk to.
      She's been using that friend to get info from me about her ex.
      So yea she is crazy.

  • well if they the last time they had sex was back in October she's well far along enough to take the pregnancy test

    • Which is why I believe she's lying through her teeth.
      It's coincidental as well that she announces this the moment he tells her he wants nothing to do with her

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    • Yeah I understand but I believe you guys dating will be enough for her to hate him. The less communication they have the better.

    • Either that or find a way to split us up. Thank you for your help though :)

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