Girls, why is my ex ignoring me?

And our last few messages were pretty nasty to each other, that was five days ago and I felt bad so I messaged her to apologize but she wouldn't reply, I knew her for 10 years before we got together and that's why it's hard, I don't know what else to do? She said in the breakup I became obsessive and pushed her further away, all I want is to be at least friends but because she won't reply I don't know what to do now?


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  • Ah that is hard to explain.

    1. If she feels you've changed since dating she thinks you'll be the same if she allows you in her life as a friend

    2. Keep pushing for contact and she'll put you in the stalkerish category if she hasn't already

    3. Show her through actions. Back off reasses things and see from he veiw point if you can't than I believe it's best to move on. If you can wait days in between texts but don't blow up her phone. But don't apologize either. If you feel the need to apologize say something like I'm sorry we couldn't see eye to eye on somethings and hopefully it makes us both better people in the end or something. But don't push all responsibility for the relationship issues on her either! Takes two to tango

  • Well she ignores you because you're her ex, you should just move on and stop trying to be friends with her since that isn't something that you can force on someone, especially an ex


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