How is it so easy to move on?

Note: same-sex relationship. My ex and I dated online for a year, we met on a chatroom app. I was supposed to meet her in real life but I had problems and it had to be delayed, I'm in Europe and she's all the way in the US. Our relationship was intense, we talked everyday 24/7 for 12 months, she was my best friend, but we also fought a lot and I was really insecure, but it's because she was unfaithful once at the beginning of our relationship, but I stayed because I love her and gave her a second chance. I sent her stuff constantly although she never did the same, I was available all the time. She dumped me because I was insecure and accusatory. She said I pushed her away and how I am a shitty person and ruined it. All i wanted was reassurance. We always broke up and she would always come back chasing and acting psycho if someone else talks to me, but this time she was distant. I begged to fix things, but i got short replies, and she asked for space. She was going out with this girl in real life right after, but at the same time telling me that she wasn't seeing anyone else and that I'm not allowed to let anyone flirt with me. She is with this girl but randomly popped up on the app we met on to be mean to me, or give me mixed signals, or message me random things every 3 days. We ended up arguing and she told me she has someone now and I told her to "prove" it, she sent me pics and I bashed her girl because I'm hurt. I just dont get it? How do you go from totally loving someone to being this nasty and move on so quickly? The girl she moved on with isn't even her type, my ex isn't into manly girls, I was really shocked to see my replacement, we are nothing alike and I'm way more feminine. It's been 10 days and they've already had sex and my ex hangs out at her apartment and they're posting pics being all happy. Is this a rebound? What's going on? Has my ex totally lost feelings for me? i already have a ticket to the US in a few months and I'm completely shattered now.


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  • I feel like she was already with that person before you all broke up. it happens a lot in long distant relationships specially in different countries. you can either try to return your ticket or you can come and enjoy yourself

  • hang out with family


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