How long do I ignore him before he takes the hint?

I've ignored his past two messages, I won't block him on Kik that's how much I want nothing to do with the scrot, I don't want his name blocked or otherwise on my messenger, he isn't deleting me, so he's keeping tabs on me then because I'm sure his last message was a year ago.
Thought ignoring someone they'd get the hint and Fk off but they don't do they?

You know on Kik it comes up 1 new message, I stopped online dating because of his catfishing this guy seriously is not going away.
I ignore him because I've learned that he only messages me when he's bored when he has his ego boost he ignores me or it's just a serious of put downs how I'm old, I won't get better than him, how I'm crap n bed I mean who cares why message me at all.. bloody freak needs a life stop spying on people..


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  • It's always funny when women get mad when a guy ignores her ignoring him.

    • It's not funny tho the guys a fkin weirdo read the comments I gave the other guy, u think that's normal for someone to do that? There's somethin no right with this guy n it's scaring me, catfishing me yo wtf is that all about? He dumped me 4 years ago when is he gunna leave me alone? U think its funny if u were a lassie n some creep was fkin houndin u on Datin sites n on Kik n had to change ur phone number etc ect? To scared to go places in case u got creepy arsed messages like *i saw you in the park* *Are you shaggin a friend of mine* ffs would u not get fkin angry?

    • Yea the dude is a psycho

    • Thank you I thought I was goin crazy...

  • this is the reason blocking exists, not blocking before now has just been dumb and pointless

    • I thought if I deleted Kik for a month he'd think I deleted it.. he is not on my friends list... after month I thought I'll log back on coast will be clear but nope year later he sends a message on it, I stopped online dating after a year of bein tormented by him think he's clocked I'm not on plenty of fish anymore n haven't for months.. he's just not gettin it we are done, he dumped me that's it done over... tellin someone to ignore him isn't workin..

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    • then call the police, they'll sort it out, now stop fussing over it

    • I'm tryin to move away.. been lookin for rentals out the country away from him

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