I need an advice?

So I need some advice. My boyfriend and I was dating for a year and half. Our relationship was fine, and suddenly from nowhere he broke up with me, cuz he thinks I'm ready to settle down and he is not ready to commit to the relationship. He said he loves but want to be single right now. So my question is... when the guy tells you those thing, does it mean it's completely over or is a chance of him coming back?
PS I'm also older than he is (I'm 28 and he is 24) but I have never talked about marriage or kids.


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  • When a man q man says he's not READY then that may mean what it truly means, that he's scared it may go to far and that he's truly not ready, if that's not the reason, it's because he lost interest with you, if it's the first reason, yes, if not, not

    • So I just do not understand what was the point to invest so much into this relationship (we lived together, got lots of stuff together) if he was not ready?

    • I guess it's just hard for me to understand how can you let everything go if you love someone

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  • Do you want to be with someone that can not commit to you?

    • I just hope he will realize that grass is always greener on the other side.

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  • He doesn't want to commit means there is no long term future for the two of you.


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  • Well you are almost 30 so he may think you won't marriage and kids. He doesn't want a committed relationship and you do? So move on.


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