How do you suppose to react when your ex looks completey different?

I know I'm not suppose to care, but something's will leave you shocked.

We dated for 2.5 years, she left me then got in a relationship 2 weeks later. Then that guy cheated on her multiple times.

I bumped into my ex today she was high as a kite, had on hell of make up ( she NEVER wore make up ) and lost a good 20-30 lbs ( only weighed 130 ). I was just shock because here I am gain 15lbs of muscle, cleaned up my appearance, changed myself attitude and all. Then to see someone you once love look like this now I don't know how to even respond when she spoke.


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  • It happens man, but tbh sounds like you dodged a bullet. No loss to you.

  • Just feel good about yourself for improving and lucky that you are no longer with her


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