After breaking up with me, my ex texted me Friday; we have been texting back and forth since, he misses me and wants to give it another shot should I?

Finally something I can say, I was in a relationship with my ex for three years. we loved each other dearly. It was a gay relationship, so we had that pressure from family on top. We used to say how much we loved each other, but it turned out we just were right for each other. We didn't try as hard as we said we would, we didn't do the things we promised; we didn't say things we should have; we did say things we should't have. We loved each other but we treated each other like crap, we were our own demise. Its not something we wished, it just happened. We weren't compatible. We were toxic for each other, we only hurt each other. it wasn't what we wanted; we only hurt ourselves by making last longer than it needed to be. He broke up with me because he didn't want to try to fix it; I've taken my experience as a learning one, I never look back and thing of them as horrible. I only judge myself on my wrong doing and I take from that and apply it to my everyday life; its a learning experience that someone may experience in their lifetime. I know I am a different person from what I used to be. I see all my bad errors and bad ways. I need help in making a decision that could alter my life forever.
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