Do I have any chance with my ex's best friend?

I went out with this guy and then broke up with him like four months ago and he took it really hard. Now I've, oh so conveniently, fallen for his best friend. Do I even have a chance?


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  • Obviously it always depends on context but I would advise leaving this one alone. You say that your ex took the breakup badly, so it would seem that he may take you dating (or potentially dating) his friend worse. Then you should also consider if the friend is willing to sacrifice his friendship for what could potentially be just a fling. (Im not trying to imply that's all your after) Even if the friend is interested, do you really want to be the girl that came between two friends? Obviously you know the situation much better though so good luck in whatever you decide.

  • well, here's the thing you don't wanna seem like a whore because that's just wrong I would tell you ex and see what he thinks


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