Do tattoos cover scars that are many in the same spot? I wish to cover my left bicep.. what do you think?


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  • YEs they do! It's called scar cover tattoos. And usually they make them really pretty. Look for tattoo artists near you and email them personally if they do scar cover ups and to show you examples.


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  • Yeah as long as the scar is not raised, they have artists out there that specialize in covering bad tattoos and even scars


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  • You should see a tattoo artist that specializes in scar cover up. A good artist at a nice shop, not the hole in the wall shop beside the liquor store. It can be done, and is common, but scar tissue is different and there are things to consider like how healed the scar is, what the texture of the scar is. A bunch of raised scars are going to throw off some ideas for example you wouldn't want to tattoo a portrait on a bunch of scars. Make an appointment and talk to the artist you decide on.

  • That would depend on how talented the tattoo artist is , I've seen on ink master some of the Tattoo artist do it so I know it can be done but you would just need to find someone talented enough to do it


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