Is there any chance he'll come back?

We broke up 2 weeks ago.

There were a couple of days in the Christmas lead up where we didn't talk much and he wasn't even looking at me and on Christmas night he said that he'd need space from me and that part of him wanted to run away from the relationship, though most of him wanted to stay. He went on to say that he was a commitmentphobe and that I'd known that from the start. The "start" being some two and a half years ago. During this whole night has phone had been buzzing incessantly with messages from a female co-worker, who he said was having a tough time. But he wouldn't elaborate further.

Then a few days later he purchased my Christmas present at a value of over $2k. The whole week was hot and cold with him. On New Years Eve I did the wrong thing and got onto his old phone while he was at work. I found two things; the first being he'd deleted the messages from the above coworker. The second being a conversation with an old uni friend of his (he later told me that they'd had a backwards and forwards for years without ever really spending any time together). In the messages with this friend he had told her that we were on a break (one I didn't know about) and she told him that I (someone she has never met) will never help myself unless he broke up with me. He didn't defend me or us and instead flirted with her.

So a day later I told him that he should take some time to think about what he wanted because I was clearly more invested in this than he was. And he did and we came back together for what ended up being the break up chat. He said that he loved me and always would but that he didn't know if this was the only relationship he wanted to be in. But that he was scared walking away would be the biggest mistake of his life and that something was just off.

We talked a bit the day after and since then there's been silence. All I know is that he keeps up with my snapchat story and that I'm heartbroken and obviously desperately hoping for a reconciliation.


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  • There's no chance at all. You should just move on.


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  • There isn't very good odds that he will.


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