My parents are getting divorced?

Mum told me today that her and Dad are eventually going to separate and divorce (within the next few years or so). I won't go into details of why they're getting divorced, but I can confirm that they're NOT in a traumatic or abusive relationship. They just haven't got along well for many years now, and they're coming to terms with the fact that they don't see a future together. I'm 17 right now, and in my final year of high school. They're not going to separate until I've graduated. By the time they divorce, I will be in university. This is a good thing, because I'll be more independent and able to distance myself from the situation.

I'm wondering if anyone else who's parents have divorced, how it affected you, and how badly it impacted your life. Will I be ok? I know that divorce is usually for the best, but often its the children that suffer from the situation. Any tips or coping methods are also appreciated x


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  • I'm sorry to hear that your parents are divorcing.

    It's sweet that they are waiting, for you to graduate. It shows that they really care for you. At that age, it shouldn't have as much of an impact on you, as it would if you were younger.

    You're old enough, and you'll be independant enough, to decide how your relationships with each parent will progress. Just because they're divorcing, it doesn't mean they will stop being parents to you.

    My parents divorced when I was nine, so I didn't have that option. The courts decided that I would live with my mother, and I hated it, because that meant I was stuck with my sister, as well (my sister and I no longer speak).

    When I was 11, I basically forced my mom to sign over her rights to my father, so I could live with him, instead.

    I think you'll be able to handle your parents' separation much better, being older, and aside from visiting them each, separately, it shouldn't have too much of an impact, on your life. They'll both still love you. :)


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  • My parents divorced when i was 12. It was definitely for the better. My dad was abusive to me, my sister and my mom. It was a mess. But, he got his life together and we all have an okay relationship now.

    Divorce is usually for the better. And especially if theyre on good terms, itll be easy enough. Its cool that they're waiting for you like that


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  • Wow ! I feel for you. First I'd say realize that many people just
    cannot be married to each other. Accept it. Realize that it's not
    your fault. Enjoy the quiet times at home when they aren't fighting.
    One last thing, your Mom and Dad will most Kiely date and remarry.
    For the love of God, don't be a dickhead to either of their mates. If you need to talk. PM me.

  • My parents divorced and they didn't care about me and move off and left me on the street I've become independent and mostly sober

  • I'm sorry to hear that.


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