My ex bought me a present?

I haven't talked to my ex in a little over a year (we were together for 3).. I told her to delete my number and that I didn't want to hear from her again. She texts my mom every once in a while asking how I am and such. My mom told me that my ex messaged her the other day saying she bought me something on her trip to Japan (I've always wanted to go to Japan, learned Japanese, love the culture, etc) so it seems thoughtful... but why on earth would she buy me a gift? We ended on bad terms and the relationship was awful and abusive. She didn't care about me and would beat me, cheat on me, manipulate me, and psychologically abusive me so I can't help but to think she has some evil ulterior motive. I'm not going to accept the gift but am just wondering what would possess her to do such a thing a year after a bad breakup? I mean sure there have been a few times I've seen something I knew she would like and thought of her... but actually buying it? I've been spending the last year trying to get rid of everything that had to do with "us" and accepting a gift from her and then continuing to ignore her just seems awkward and dumb. I mean I appreciate the thought but it's kind of crazy when someone who never seemed to care about you or even think about you does this... What do you think she could be thinking? I wanted an outside view to make sense of this.


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