Ex husband acts uncomfortable when me ans his ex talk?

My ex husband and I have a son together. he's moved on and has a girlfriend that he now lives with. That being said my son stays with them every weekend. It was hard in the beginning but now things have gotten better between us. At my son's practices me and my ex girlfriend sit together and talk, at games but my ex always seems to be uncomfortable which makes me feel uncomfortable. So I not talk to her? Am I over stepping. It's mutual between us. I feel that I'm doing the right thing but he makes me feel otherwise. I have a daughter from someone else and my ex husband won't even try looking at her. But his girlfriend talks to her. . It's weird?
Me and his girlfriend talk***


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  • Women always talk to each other , when men say it's over... then it's over

    • We have a kid together. he's gotten pretty serious with his girlfriend. The only reason I'm nice and talk to her it's for him and my son. Trust me it makes things so much easier for him. I can be a mean baby momma and give his girlfriend a hard time but I don't. I'm civil. What I'm asking is that wrong of me by talking to her. Should I not

    • Asker... I'm not in any disagreement with you. I just mentioned men a lot times are very decisive and genrally speaking stick to thier decisions. I'm sure he's making you feel uncomfortable on purpose ( this I don't agree with ) and with that said , the way to counter depends on how well you two know each other , and what ensued you two apart. It's also about your little chats with his new s/o that can build up to an alliance between you two lady's he might feel awkward , kind of like sleeping with the enemy sort of thing.

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