Should I keep on?

for a while me and my ex only hung out to have sex. but I finally broke down and told him that I can't do it because it hurts my feelings that he doesn't even see me as a person enough to hang out without doing that. he told me he was sorry and he won't do it anymore. that he still has feeling for me and don't want to see me all sad like that. I guess he wants to start over.. and maybe date again.

when we were together, he left me for my best friend. he tried to get with her... she said nothing happened but I'm not stupid.

well... I don't know should I get with him again?


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  • You might get hurt again if you decide to be with him. I'm saying this through my own experience. You need to let him know what you would want and see if that is what he wants too. Put everything that already happen to a stop and let those be the past. Since you couldn't change the past now, you should move on. Try to restrain yourself from having sex with him. If he truly wants you, he will wait. Tell him that you enjoy physical intimacy with him only when you are clear that the past won't happen again.


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