How can prove that I have a trustworthy to my girlfriend?

The problem before 6 months when she illness and we quarrel and i left her with her illness and didn't ask about her for month.
now i want marry her l but she ask me thing she can see to prove trustworthy.


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  • The two of you need to learn to get along better before even considering marriage. Divorce is devastating to both and even more when kids are involved.

    Why do you feel a need to be married? It is an easy contract to get into and very expensive to get out of.

    • we have a long time togther 4 years.. and i love her and she also but when this happened happened she didn't trust me after that.

    • We are in a society that does not make it there is an option for divorce after marriage.. and Man's duty correction of mistakes even upright lives. and we marriage in this age to stable.

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