Broke up with girlfriend but still living together? How to behave?

We broke up 2 days ago with reason that she doesn’t feel the same but we still live together in on apartment. She acts angry at me when we have to speak with each other. She still has everywhere my photos on Instagram and Facebook and we are officially in relationship on FB (still..). How should I behave i case I want her back?


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  • kick her out of your apartment, if you want her back. make her want you back. and remove that relationship status


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  • All things she got from you in a relationship other than sex must stop.

    • And how should I communicate with her? Silence?

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    • Good. Your no longer her boyfriend, let some other poor bastard support her. Think seriously about it if she wants to get back together, like do you want her back or do you want just something to poke on until someone better comes along. This should be a real eye opener for you. Personally I couldn't be with a woman who just wants to be with me to take care of her simply because she can't and can't find someone better too. Was she seeing someone else on the side before you split?

    • She joined some group of people before Christmas. After that she started to act weird after that.. always on the phone etc... I would leave the flat in the best scenario but right now I am searching for options. When I told her if there is someone else she said "NO" but who knows... I those guys and when I saw them they treated me with respect but... .

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