Has anyone ever had an ex come back when they were the one to end it? I want to keep some hope but I know I need to move on?

Me and my ex met at the start of Dec and we hit it off straight away! He stayed with me for a few days when me met, went on a date and he met my family (his idea). I was invited to his house that he shares with his mum for Boxing Day day dinner with some of his family. We said I love you to each other and it was going so great! We were inseparable. Spent over two weeks together and NYE. He told me he was so so happy etc. And so was I. I came back home the day after New Year's Day and he text me as usual saying he loved me and I thought everything was fine until he started ignoring me. few days of being ignored and asked him was everything ok, had we moved too fast, should we slow it down? I actually thought something was wrong and messaged his mum to see if he was ok. He told me that it had moved too fast, it had put him off and he was planning on moving to Liverpool. (He lived there for 7 years and moved back to Ireland last Sept) this shocked me big time, I thought we were getting on so well. I organised to collect my clothes from his house and sent him one last message to see if he would change his mind and he said "I want to alone for a while as I'm deciding on moving and for now I want to cut contact as it's for the best"
I collected my clothes yesterday (his mum came out with them) and left. I sent him a message telling him it was great meeting him and it maybe is best we don't talk for a while and hopefully I'll catch up with him sometime and to look after himself. No reply! He had taken me off Facebook and deleted all posts to do with me. This hurt as I thought we really had something between us. He told me he wanted to have babies with me, get married, move in together etc. I didn't question it because I was so happy.

I would like to stay in contact with him down the line and I was wondering if he is likely to come back once he misses me? I know the distance would be hard but even as friends to start with again? I know for the mean time I need to move on.


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  • men are stupid. you can't assume we'll ever make the right decision. do what's best for you.

    • That's true! Women can be stupid too lol! I'm going to go no contact and see what happens!

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