After break up, he ignores me! what should I do?

My ex and I broke up 6 month ago.
We were pretty serious and had been together for four and half years.
Since I had to move back to my country and I was going to come back to the state to live at some point , he let me leave my stuff at his place. I emailed him if he still have my stuff and if he could mail them to me... but he doesn't respond. I emailed him again a month later. He still doesn't respond. Should I just assume that he doesn't have my stuff anymore?


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  • I think he's still nursing wounds from the break up n seeing you won't help the situation so he's avoiding contact with you... he probably still has your stuff.

    4yrs is a long time... so give him time, if he's taking too long or you need your stuff urgently then tell him you're sending your friend to get your stuff.

  • The real question is why did you have to break up with a man that you were in a relationship with for that long?

    • We had a long distance relationship for about a year. Being away from him wasn't easy... I kept pressuring him about marriage... because we didn't know how long we have to be away from each other. .( I know I shouldn't have done that) and he got sick of it I believe... he wasn't ready to settle because he wanted focus on his career.

    • @asker He sounds like me. I am not ready to settle down because I own a business. Ambitious men will chose their business over you every time.

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