Friend has a new man in her life and I am not over my ex, please help?

my ex and i broke up about three weeks ago,
i was focusing on myself and doing good.. felt happy.

But, recently, my friend who has never had a boyfriend before (we're 20 btw) started texting this guy who she met a few days ago, i feel so happy for her and i keep asking her questions and giving her tips as i know how exciting it is to date the first person etc... but deep inside after we hang out i felt so empty and sad and i broke down... its the frist time that i missed my ex and i felt jealous how she was so light hearted and fun about the new guy.. while i am going through a breakup after three years of dating...

i also feel like a bad friend, because as much as i want to be happy for her, for her first relationship (its not yet official though), i am a bit jealous and i dont know it made me miss my ex and i guess being in the city reminded me of my ex and how we hung out everywhere... it made me feel so lonely... and empty.. and broken.. i did not feel this for a while i guess i needed to rant.. anyone has any advice? for the breakup and also how to not feel jealous of my friends situation?

Thank you


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What Guys Said 1

  • I am going through a similar thing. Obviously keep these feelings to yourself and who knows this new guy might have some nice friends? Breakups suck, you're not a bad person you just miss and need someone to take away the comfort of your ex and thats totally understandable. You need to occupy your time and learn to enjoy those moments where you are alone

    • oh no way im sorry to hear that.. stay strong.. i am not intersted in dating though so i dont even know if he has nice friends.. plus theyve been only talking for a week theyre not really dating.. by the way can u message me on private? cos i wanna ask u for tips to deal with the breakup, thanks

What Girls Said 1

  • Focus on yourself and just take some time to get over it, it's normal to feel bitter don't feel like a bad friend, it happens and you just need to move on, have some time with your other friends to take your mind off everything. You'll be fine in a little while, good luck!

    • ok thank you thats reassuring to hear... because i felt like such a bad friend like when i was with my ex she knew all about our relationship and now that she for once is the one who has a man in her life.. i dont wanna sound like im not excited or her just cos i had a breakup... i will try to go out with my other friends although there isn't many people i trust. but thank you ! also, if u ever had a breakup how long did it take u to move on? how long did it take u to get in a new relationship? thanks for the help

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