What does he feel for me? Someone please explain why he's doing this?

There is a boy who i had a small thing with a while ago. He was my first kiss. Now he started talking to me again. Last time he broke my heart so i didn't trust him anymore. We ended up talking more and more an i ended up trusting him again. We ended up in a relationship. At first he was great but then we both had busy schedules and we couldnt meet as often as we wouldve liked. But somehow we managed. He is also my classmate. After 2 weeks he started ditching our plans for lunch without even telling me he couldnt make it. After a month of relationship he broke up with me saying he needed to focus on his studies. (he said this 3 days before winter break so it clearly wasn't true) Some of his friends told me it was because he didn't want to commit, other friends of his told me he got bored of me because i didn't have sex with him. But he keeps looking at me still. My friends say he looks at me like he still cares. He told me he loved me and i actually loved him back. I never have any feelings usually but this is eating me up. Im starting to develop depression due to this. The day after we broke up he came to school with really poofy eyes and it looked like he cried and he would look at me when i wasn't looking. He is always around where i am when he was never before. He basically went out of his way to be around me. I am really hopeless and i still love him a lot and im just scared i won't ever stop loving him. Last year we had a thing at about the same time as this year. Someone please help me.


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  • doesn't feel romantic towards you


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