Why a guy I liked stopped talking to me?

We where talking and he broke up with his ex a few months ago. He was still arguing with her tho. We got together and he went back home to his state for 3 and stopped all contact with me. He came back and told me his ex blocked me on his account. I kept asking him about it and he said they really are over. I believed him a couple months go by he goes back home again except he blocks me. He comes back we argue and decide its over and he said its because he's to immature for a relationship. He just changed over night blocks me for four days while he was gone comes back and its over. He seemed like a really great guy but why wouldn't he just tell me that he got back with his girlfriend if that was it? Im confused he disappears and comes back after us saying ima miss you and everything like still in honemoon phase and all of a sudden he isn't ready for. Relationship? I asked him several times and he said it wasn't her after us arguing before ending it and him saying he doesn't know if he wants either of us. But why couldn't he just tell me he wanted her isntead of hiding it and laaving me with unanswered questions after he told me he spent the whole time with her why lie?
But then at the same time says he misses me like he can't have both and still continue to lie amd say they only talked the whole time after spending the night 4 days and thats it


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  • This sounds like a guy that thinks you're a "back burner" girl, like someone to fall back to, and he may not even realize it, or he and his ex are having power struggles over his account and she's getting in, probably the first, but the second can happen

    • We talked in person and he told me he did it

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    • Why lie

    • Maybe so when you finally realize it, he feels like it lessens the blow. Maybe it's different for each person

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