Ex girlfriend wants to meet up how do I handle it?

Hi, Need a girls perspective on what is on her mind. we broke up 2 months back because she feels that our future looks bleak due to 1) her parents object 2) she was hurt badly before and she finds it hard to totally open up with me. we dated for about a year and it was a ldr. when we were together, she wanted marriage because i can take care of her and her needs. but i always felt it was one sided. 2 months back we talked about it and tho i didn't want to breakup, it was the best for both of us. the breakup tho it was mutual, it makes me feel that i was the dumpee and she was the dumper. i was not needy after but she text me every other day and i always text back but not needy text. i keep the texting to the minimal and no open questions to allow it to continue. a month back she asked me if i wanna meet up with her and her friend. she's coming to a nearby town (it was arranged before the breakup and we were supposed to catch up then) and wants me to meet them. i agreed. and i started to warm up to her texts and started texting her first instead. now for the past 3 weeks after i agreed to meet them, she stop initiating the texts. i also noticed that and i stop texting and now it has gone cold. i'm not ready to see her as a frd yet. i do not know if i shd go meet her now that the texts are not flowing. it is next week and i'm having lots of anxiety. do you think that 1) she has moved on? 2) what is her reasons for meeting up? i miss her and really wanna to catch up with her but i feel that i may take more time to move on after if it's friendship she wants. her friend will be with her when we meet but we will be spending 3 days together. i have booked my hotel room next to theirs. i dunno if she will bunk over but any intimacy now will make me move on harder. any advice on what is on her mind and what i should do will be good. thanks for reading and i hope i have good insights to what she is thinking and what she wants.


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  • I think none of you really moved on. She is sending mixed signals because of her friend's advices.
    Now It's best to stay honest with yourself and really think what is it that you want from this relationship. Be clear about the expectations of it. Do you want to get back? get married? move on? Stay friends?
    This is about what YOU want not about her.
    If you are trying to move on don't start anything intimate. you'll only crush your heart further.

    • i know i want to marry her. she knows that too. it's not up to me but her. i can't be in a one sided relationship. it's very tiring in my side even tho i don't show. when we broke up, she agreed that it's going to be very tiring for me. but she can't open up because she was hurt too badly before and further more, her parents dislike me because i'm from a different enthic group.

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    • ok. i may meet her. thanks for your insights

    • you are welcome. I know how hard it is to be in your shoes and wanned to tell you that you will be fine. wish you the best.

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