Lmao why would she do this?

Okay so me and my ex broke up like a week ago, the first two days I was trying to talk to her blowing her up, the third day I was like whatever I give up. Then she reaches out on the third day and we start talking like really good and happy start laughing through text and reminiscing. The 4th day we we're talking but it went really sour towards the afternoon and she completely stopped replying and never opened my messages because I had brought us up and she said it still made her feel terrible..

Any way long story short I've been using the No Contact rule for the past 4 days I have not texted her, called her nothing. Just been working on myself and going to the gym staying busy. But this morning I thought about her so I checked her instagram and she's bashing me in a video lip syncing a song with the lyrics along the lines of "you think I need you, but I don't" and captioned it "to my ex"

Like dude I gave u what u want and left u be. Why do u keep bashing me. U wanted me gone? I'm gone why can't u accept that, I mean it's what u wanted to begin with -.-

Like I would love to try and work things out in the future, but I just don't get why she wouldn't bash me when I was messaging her days ago, why now that I left and haven't hit her up?


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  • She didn't want that in the first place and doesn't know what she wanted lol

    • That's exactly what I was thinking.. so do u suppose I should still continue to give her space or eventually reach out to her later down the road? ( a friend of hers told me she's really heartbroken and she's been blowing off every guy telling them to leave her alone)

      .. What bugs me is why didn't she tell me to leave her alone? Like not even once did she tell me. She just ignored me.. I mean she has the balls to tell all these guys why not tell me-.-

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    • Can u pm me so I can send u screenshots? It'll be much easier

    • And let me know where I went wrong?

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  • You can't read jackshit in a text. What a f'ing joke.

    • Lmao what?

    • Dood... you can't 'laugh through text'.
      You kids rely too much on electronic communications. You can't read any emotion, or body language - so you're missing out on half of what's being communicated, and you're more than half the time likely to mis-take what theiy meaning is. Texting should only be used to arrange the next IRL meet up. Fuck all the rest of that bullshit. Also remember the 3 to1 ratio - let her post 3 to each 1 of your replies.

    • Yeah that's true, that's where I messed up. But now I know for next time. And thanks for the 3 to 1 ratio tip

  • Some women have the Poor Me Syndrome (PMS).


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