Just got off from a messy break up, how can I move on?


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  • Remember you were happy before your relationship started... you were doing ok then. get back to that place again. it's not an overnight change, so be patient. take up some hobbies so you can enjoy yourself without the dependence of a significant other.

    • how do you know she was happy before? or ever?

    • Thank you for your response. I was hapoy without him. Hopefully I find the happiness again

  • Just give it time. Spend your free time with freinds and take a while to be by yourself and heal up before you go for another date.
    Good luck but don't worry you will find a guy.

    • Yep. In the mean, I am listening to nirvana to cope.

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    • Um not sure haven't Heard them.

    • I stop at rock. I'm not a metal fan. My friend is and the only one that I ever really looked into was red.

  • Cut off all contact with them. That means delete and block from social media. If it hurts or feels like you will never find love again just remember they did not value the relationship the way you feel they did or else they would not have done that.


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