How can I get my ex back?

The relationship was good and I really want it back, were both quite young and it's not something really serious. When we were together though, he used to tell me how much he wants to marry me and how much he loves me all the one, he'd get super jealous if I talk to another boy and would want to be with me constantly. Everyone I know said he was obsessed with me, then one day he just woke up and decided he didn't want to be with me anymore? Its been 2 months and I feel like he may be finally moving on, there is not another girl and he says to his friends he can't find someone as "good" as me. He said last month he kind of wishes he gave it another try but at the same time e doesn't wanna waste time if it doesn't work. I just want to say the right thing to convince him he will be happy with me like we were just 3 months ago :( he still likes my Instagram pictures and smiles at me in school


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  • You need to talk with him. See if you both could get back in the relationship 😀


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