Should dumpee initiate?

Hey, Im a dumpee and Im considering contacting my ex. He broke up two months ago and we have been in no contact since then.. i miss him and want him back :( do you think i should contact him? If i dont, do you think he ever will?


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  • Two months? Time to move on. he probably has already.

    • Do you really think he has? We were together for 1,5 years

    • Two months and no contact whatsoever? Think about it.

      You have every right contacting him, feeling as you do. Just be prepared for rejection.

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  • Love is worth fighting for , so if you miss him reach out to him. If he rejects you then at least you'll know for sure it's over. Than you'll be able to move on from him

    • But dont you think he should come back by his free will and not me pushing him, since he broke up

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    • Thank you so much for your support, you have no idea How much it means ❤️ Do you think its too late to hope for him to come back when he hasn't in two months?

    • You're welcome ❤

      It's difficult to know if it's too late. If I felt the way you do I'd need to reach out to him , even if it meant being rejected. That way I'd have the closure I needed to help me move on. I'd need to at least try to salvage what I'd lost. If he didn't feel the same way at least I'd know there's no hope left anymore.

      If you feel uncomfortable doing that though , then just try to let go. The one thing I've learnt in life is... that hearts do heal and they do love again ❤

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  • for the last time, NO. You are SEVENTEEN, he is not the love of your life, you will meet many more guys in the years to come. it has been 2 months. LET IT GO

  • Bad idea... move on. I'm sure he has.

  • no, dont. move on


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