Doesn't know if he likes me?

So we were chatting last night...

and I said something about how he made class so much more fun

and he was like wow someone likes someone

and I was like maybe?

and then he pretty much explained that he doesn't know if he likes me

later on he mentioned he's never dated anyone

is he just scared or should I move on right away?


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What Guys Said 1

  • "doesn't know if he likes me"

    sounds like a euphemism to brush you off to me. you deserve a guy with enough balls to ask you out anyway.

    • Hmm yeah. that sucks. we haven't talked since then either. I have no idea what to say to him now. I was super depressed yesterday, but it's silly to be that upset. I do deserve better I suppose. oh well I guess. :\

What Girls Said 1

  • Move on.

    • Yeah, so many people are saying that! I have 2-3 friends saying not to give up...but I kind of agree with them that I should anyway.

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