Growing stubble around chin?

I'm 16 and don't have much facial hair yet. I get sort of a mustache if I don't shave, but I always shave it like every other week before its noticeable.

But what I'm wondering is, that when I'm trying to grow stubble on my chin, should I just let grow whatever I have, or should I shave what tiny hairs I have already, so then they know to grow back even faster.

Maybe it seems like an obvious question but I want to know for sure, that if I shave it, the hairs will start to grow more.


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  • That's just a myth. When you shave, hair doesn't grow back faster (or thicker).

    Just let it grow and then shave every so often (don't clean shave) and you'll get stubble... be aware that it'll make you look a few years older.

    • Thanks, older is what I'm aiming for. what do you mean by don't clean shave? Honestly, I'm only 16 it isn't growing fast at all, but I don't want a full on goatee or anything, so I'm going to shave it when it does get too much, but what is clean shaving?

    • Hmm.. I don't really know how to really explain it... try using a razor that isn't too close to the skin, or when you shave, don't put the razor too close to your skin. Sorry for the lack of detail. xD

    • Oh I see what you mean. Clean shaving is like when the blade is very close to the skin and all the visible hair shaves off. thanks

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