Is it relevant to tell your partner when broken up about someone you were dating?

So me and my ex (now) have been on and off for a year and half (honestly her being Mad and her reaction to it was to leave and me patiently dealing with it) until one day I left for good. Couple days later I stared dating someone else but we cut it off. Couple days after that me and my ex got back together and everything seemed better and she started to change (she even told me that before she wasn't 100% and now she wanted to be) but I didn't tell her bout the person I was dating. A week later she found out. Now she's completely frustrated/sad/hateful/angry/hurt with me. (SideNote: she's done lots of bad things to me that even her own friends said I deserved better)
Sorry update. Is there anyway to recover from this?


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  • Yes, but only because it makes your life easier in the longrun because once someone finds out they lose it and declare all sorts of crazy shit which, in reality, they dont have a right to.

    • Is there anyway to recover from this?

    • Yes, grow a backbone and tell her straight. You were broken up and you decided to move on and you met someone else. You may not like it, it may not be ideal, it maybe that you feel I should not have done it, but its happened and we either move on from it and develop our relationship or we call time.

      Your relationship sounds toxic and your girlfriend sounds hardwork. Its time to take a stance and gie her some options of what she wants to happen and what you want to happen. She sounds dramatic and over the top about in general, so take a chance of giving her options and see how you go.

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  • Sometimes there's too much in the past to have a good future


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