Is that saying true or BS?

If you are really in love with someone and not a day goes by that you dont think about them or a night that you dont dream about them, should you really let them go? Or is that horse shit and should you do everything you possibly can to fix things and be with them? I've been broken up with my ex girlfriend for 2 months now, and it hasn't gotten much easier. We broke up because of a couple big fights but i know we loved each other a lot. After our last fight she blocked me, I've been trying to move on but its almost impossible when i know we loved each other and just broke up because of misunderstandings basically. Should i move on even when i know we could be great, or should i go confront her? by the way the fact she blocked me doesn't really say a whole lot when it comes to this girl cuz she's very emotional and when she's pissed she does things like delete my number and stuff like that so i can't really accept that as a rational, final move on her part


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