Moving on is, list below?

Changing your phone number,
avoiding the ex everywhere,
ignoring their attempts of communication
So what else is there to move on?

that's moving on correct
if after 4 years your ex is finding ways to get at you you'd be angry, upset, annoyed and skeptical of contact...
How about if they catfish you to hinder your progress of moving on or accuse you of sleeping with their friends they've not seen since high school years after they dump you? Have other people give verbal abuse? Brag how wonderful their life is run your face in it?

there's is a difference between not moving on and being mighty pissed off at that point, right or wrong?

so am I within my rights to crack up at an ex who does the above? does that mean I've not moved on? Or am I right to be livid with anger? I stopped caring but who dupes another person into believing they are some hot guy to get their contact details? Absolute pyscho of a man!


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  • Yeah your ex sounds preeeeeeeeeetty crazy he clearly hasn't moved on

  • Woah... ok to me moving on is more a mental/action thing like not concerned where the ex is on a Saturday night... and more concerned with that new prospect or special someone is in your life. If you have an ex who is that involved in who you see and what you're doing I would suggest they haven't moved on... really changing your number etc seems extreme... what's next a restraining order? I have plenty of ex's who are still friends. Every once and I while I'll say hi... but they have their own lives, and I'm happy for them. I think that's moving on.

    • I Changed my number on him few years back because he was putting me down when messaging me, pretending to be still into me and him and his girlfriend having a laugh at my expense I have moved on but to be reminded that I was unwanted is just not really a nice feeling... I used to like him now a shake n get all worked up about what nasty shit he's goin to pull on me

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    • You're caught up in some nasty stuff... but all you can do is ignore it. I'd ignore him... no messaging, calls etc. find someone else if you can. It's not your fault he's an ass. I guess that's what you've been trying to do huh? He's obviously not completely over you... and his new fling must feel threatened, I bet she encourages his juvenile behavior. It's pretty clear you probably can't even salvage a friendship at this point. Time will help, and I'd be willing to bet his new poisonous relationship, (that isn't strong enough to exist without harassing you), will crumble soon. Maybe you can reevaluate then to determine if he's even worth being friends with. Honestly he seems immature and shallow to me. You deserve better.

    • He's been cheating on her non stop since got with her, I only know this Becos I joined a dating site and he was on it to catfishin me, sayin I'm old my kids are baggage and wanting to meet up with me... they've had a kid together too.. I think he's disgustin

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