I want him back.

Me an my ex broke up about a month ago, but that's because we could not get over the bad things in our past. I really love him and I want him back. I broke up with him and I told him like three weeks ago I wanted him back but he said it was best we remain friends for now but he was not saying that we would never get back together again. I want to tell him how I feel. How I love him so much. But I feel I might sound desperate:( I tried moving on and I actually up graded in guys because I was about to start talking to a football player but I don't know I just don't think I could like someone else if I am in love with my ex. There is this girl supposedly saying she is "talking" to my ex but he says different. Yesterday May 14 was suppose to be our year anniversary and we finally texted cause its been a long time cause I've tried to give him his space and maybe he would come back but he said I'm really glad were talking again:) those were his exact words and I said me too and he said :) but I don't know what to do. I love him and I would be willing to start everything over in my life to be with him again. I love him so much. What do I do? How do I get him back and do I just tell him how I feel(should I)?


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  • if you can't make yourself better and move forward from the past, then getting back with the ex is nearly impossible...communication is the best starting point to repair things


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