My ex and I?

my ex and I broke up almost two years ago, he's had two new girlfriends and I have had 2 new bf's but the longest amount of time we have gone without talking is a little less than 3 months, we always end up coming back to each other, but he says he still cares and wants to try to get back to the way we were, but then he acts like he doesn't care... does he actually want to work things out or is he just looking for a booty call?


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  • I don't know the situation on what happen in your relationship. There is a difference between when a person says they still care but don't try on there part. This is there action speaking loud for itself, if he does not try to make the relationship work. Then you know it's another booty call!

    Remember a great relationship is when two people try to make it work. If there's no effort from you're Ex, I'm sure you will find another guy that wants to make it work and be happy with you!


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