How to know that girl is in love or not with guy?


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  • This desire to know for sure if someone loves you is the wrong way about it if you ask me, and there's no way to know for certain as far as I'm concerned.

    I think the question you should ask yourself is, "How can I behave in a way that maximizes the odds that my partner will love me and continue to love me above all others?" Try to do your best to inspire love and devotion from your partner. Don't question it, don't test it, don't demand it.

    • I m not testing

      nor demanding. i am trying to do better but I don't know I m not getting that feeling. Otherwise I always try to do keep her smiling but I don't understand what other things lacking

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    • Cheers -- and hope things will work out. Remember to err on the fun and easy side when your girl is upset with you -- not the sentimental boyfriend side.

  • She doesn't sacrifice nor care about you constantly.


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