Guuy friend ignoring me while upset for three weeks. Should I just move on or send goodbye text? I think closure would help me feel better?

I am so tired of feeling sad about this and wondering. We both seemed to start having more than friends feelings but I am not relationahip material and not sure if he is serious anyway. We agreed to be friends but after him mixing up my second number with another girl with same name and him being way too flirty with words and me realizing I am not fit for a relationship self comfort wise, I asked him if we should just end the friendship and told him I do not want to get in tne way of other girls. He then instead of discussing it with me like I was asking, ignored me and now my numerous attempts to talk. About ten texts and one email apologizing and telling him I do not want to end our friendship, it has been almost three weeks and I have never contacted someone with no response like this before. It hurts, I am sad, I did try to end things a couple times before but I always regret it and now I wish he would just honestly answer what he wants instead of no response at all, it makes me feel horrible and like he never cared. Should I just move on or send a goodbye text for closure?


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  • If this is about the same guy I think your answer is evident.
    Follow your intuition


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  • Women have a terrible tendency to over think and over apologize. You gals seem to take the whole world on your shoulders. I think it's silly.

    You're a person, with your own thoughts and your own feelings. Focus on that. Don't waste time trying to incorporate his thoughts and feelings, as if you need to fix them or support them or direct them. Let him have his own assumptions. That's my opinion anyways.

    Here's what's likely to happen... you send another text because ultimately you REALLY want to know what he's thinking, you probably are hoping there's still a chance things will work... "if only he REALLY knew what you were thinking and feeling then he would FINALLY GET IT!" ? Or something like that?

    But honestly, you don't NEED him to tell you how you should feel about this. You don't NEED him to reply so that you can finally decide how to feel. It doesn't MATTER what he thinks and feels.

    How YOU feel is YOUR responsibility. Don't text him hoping that he'll tell you how you should feel. Don't wait for his opinions before having your own.

    Just decide to let this go as a grown up woman with her own agenda and desires and needs.

    And it sounds like you really NEED to LET THIS GO. At least that's how it looks from my perspective.

    Ruminating over it won't bring closure or solutions, it's all just a sad game of mental masterbation... thinking things in order to feel things, over and over.

    Chasing him like this leaves you weak and embraced and victimized.. not because of his actions but because of your neediness.

    Stop needing him. And GIVE to yourself what ever it is you were hoping to get from him. Resolution. Conclusion. Decisions. What ever.

    It doesn't matter if he never cared, although he didn't. He's got his own life to focused on, now you should too.

    Hope this helps?


    ~ Robby

    (My Blog )

  • it's best to let this guy be. if he has any decency he will contact you. if not, you will meet someone better. for now work on improving yourself and becoming someone who is relationship material


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