My ex won't come to my party?

So my ex broke up with me 3 months ago because he didn't like me anymore, he knew how much it hurt me. We have talked since, for a couple of hours actually and decided to just be civil. I'm having a birthday party and because we are in the same friendship circle I invited him and he said he doesn't want to come because he doesn't want to feel awkward! But if he broke up with me why should he feel awkward? All of his friends are going as well. can he really not stand to be around me? :(


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  • he's prob afraid that you'll get the wring idea if he comes


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  • I know it hurts. But it sounds like it's all about him... he didn't like you, he doesn't want to feel awkward, how about him taking into considerations SOMEONE ELSES FEELINGS? He sounds a little too self-involved.
    He doesn't want to come... fine. But be honest with his friends if they ask you "Where's X?"
    Tell them "He didn't come because he didn't want to feel uncomfortable. He knew you'd be here, though." Might give his friends a little something to think about.
    Chin up... this one was not right for you.

    • I know what yo mean but this boy is so confusing. He was the one who wanted to be friends and I was the one who declined, he wanted to text me often to "catch up" but I insisted it would be too weird. We see each other at clubs and bars and it's not really that awkward I just feel because it's my house it's completely thrown him off! I'm sure he will tell his own friends why he's not come anyway, but I feel like an idiot even inviting him now.

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  • He's not into you. I'd stop asking.

    • I don't want him to come because I want him to be "into" me for gods sakes.

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    • Do you know what a party is? I wouldn't say more than a hello to him. He will talk to his friends who are also my friends. We're in the same friendship group so he'd be the only one not coming

    • I wouldn't care. I stay away from my exes, we obviously broke up because i didn't want to be with/around them.

  • Time to move on. he's not into you.


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  • Just move on, it's only obvious to think that he doesn't want to see you, either that or he's just not matured enough to handle the situation of confronting an ex.

    • He doesn't want to see all of his friends as well? We see each other in school all the time though

  • Tbh I would not go either if my ex was attending a party unless the place was so big that I would not even bump into him.
    Or if I had my own group with me.

    • He does. I've invited all his friends and they're all coming. It's not like I privately messaged him and asked him to come on his own

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