Is my boyfriend breaking up with me?

My boyfriend and I got in a fight. He ditched me two days in row and I complained that he didn't even apologize. He said he did and that since I had plans Friday He already had plans. I asked him if he had been avoiding me and he answered no and then who knows. He got mad and stuff and he didn't talk to me for 4 days after that. He didn't text, call, or hang out with me. We have a streak on Snapchat which is now 278 days and that's been since the first time we ever spoke and now he won't open or respond to any of my messages and is breaking the streak. It like he disappeared with out telling me and his doing this to hurt me. I know he loves me just I don't know know y he's being like this. He doesn't control over his emotions often.


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  • sounds childish. can't even have a disagreement without pouting and giving you the silent treatment. I hope you find someone with maturity.

  • he is angry at u , can you reconsider if he was really at fault? or if he did really apologize? or maybe if you are not aware of some life issue he is going through?


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