boyfriend hasn't responded to my text or calls?

My boyfriend and I haven't spoken for 5 days now usually when we break up it only takes a day or two I'm worried , my boyfriend broke up with me last week because he saw texting my friend about how I missed my ex , he called me all types a names and stormed out my house I've been trying to get in contact with him but no response, I really love him and I'm going insane not being able to talk with him


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  • He probably knows this and feels like he can text you back whenever because he knows you'll forgive him. I'd say get on with your life, and if he never texts back, at least you wouldn't have wasted time waiting on him.

  • Hun I'm sorry to break to you, but if you guys have been on and off for a while, it could just mean that this time he ain't coming back. You say you love him... But you also said that the reason he walked out was because he saw texts from you saying you miss your ex... maybe that was the last straw for him... but I hope you guys sort it out


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