Girls, Breakup, then pre-planned vacation, now?

3 weeks ago my girlfriend and I broke up. I received a call asking her to come and speak, and she tearfully told me that she didn't feel the same anymore, and saw me as more of a friend. It's been over 6 years and i truly didn't expect it. Our lives are totally intertwined and we do so much together. I'm her first boyfriend, we met at the start of uni. I'm mid 20's, she's 3 years younger. We had a vacation booked, a 2 week trip we had hoped to do for years. We agree'd still to go as it would be crazy to lose the money. The trip went well. She wasn't as close as before, but I certainly wouldn't say just friends. We had a great time together. We returned home on Saturday night, on the flight I asked if this changed anything. She said no. I hoped the trip may fix things, but I wasn't sure how quick I could expect a positive response, if i asked too early? I dropped her off yesterday morning and didn't hear from her during the day. I did this morning. Our cases have both our stuff in it so we need to exchange it. I'm a little lost as to what to do now. The week between the breakup and the trip, we did speak, even went for dinner (a promised Christmas gift for her), so since we have returned i have now hit reality. I have 2x1 week work trips coming up in 3 weeks time. Between now and then I think my best bet is to give her space. Not to ignore, but not to initiate contact. I'm hoping that she may realize what we had and how much we supported one another. She mentioned she had been feeling this way since July, and it had been playing in her head for 6 months. I'm a little upset it wasn't communicated to me, and i find it very difficult to accept the sudden pull down of the shutters. Any advice on my best bet on how to recover it. I'm hoping that as I'm her first boyfriend and there have been so many life changes whilst we've been together, that she simply doesn't know anything else and needs time to realize that, but how do I help my chances the most?


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  • She just wanted to break up with you


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