Why did she approach me, became my friend and later abandoned me when I fell in love with her?

Cliff notes
1-She approached me first. Always initiating contact.
2- I was busy with college so I never gave her too much importance. Yet she kept getting closer to me.

3- I asked her out. Dated for a month. I fell in love with her after making out drunk several times.
4- She dumped me after I told her how I felt.

Now I'm all alone with a broken heart missing her. Why?
I'm still in love with her. I feel awesome one day but depressed the next.
I can't stop thinking about her. Why did she dl this to me wtf!


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What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe there were some things she didn't like about you and that she didn't see a future with you.


What Guys Said 2

  • you tried to hard, women want what they can't have, when you become too available you also become less desirable

  • She lost interest because you were needy and boring.


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