Shall I have sex with my ex?

He broke up with me 3 months ago but we remained civil/friends. We're both young and he just didn't want a girlfriend anymore and that's fair enough I do understand. So we weirdly hinted we want to meet up to have sex and we promised each other there would be no feelings attached as I do want to because I'm attracted to him and I know he is very attracted to me. I don't really feel like he is using me though but I also know we won't get back together so it's not like I'm hoping. I am not that sad about the break up anymore I do just kind of miss him and he feels the same. I just don't see the wrong in it, I don't feel like il get feelings back and cry all over again when it's been 3 months? Will I?


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  • honestly, I say go for it if both of you want to do it, you can stay friends after this, maybe it will happen more than once


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  • Honestly, it is up to you, but most people have friends with benefits. It's not a bad thing, if you know that you're not going to get attached and you feel like you want this to happen and not just the fact that he wants this and you miss him, then just go with it. But don't think you have to do this in order to keep his attention.

    • A part of me would prefer him to do it with me than anyone else and I do kind of want to give him a reminder of what he's missing. But I know we just can't get back together at this point

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    • Then why even try it with him?

    • cause I don't want any more from him? The relationship is over

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  • I don't think u should


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  • Only if you think you can keep it strictly about that.

  • Always a bad idea.

    • Mm but why? What could happen?

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