Should I try and be friends with my ex?

Met in September of 2015 at sixth form, spent a year becoming super close friends then best friends. He was always shy, and gained confidence and spoke to more people, we'd flirt and talk for hours.
Dated for 3 months and broke up this month as he grew distant and lost feelings, he still says he wants to be good friends and still considers me a best friend yet he never texts first and we can go days without speaking and if we do speak in person it's always brief. He says he isn't ignoring me and I know he's quite shy but I'd rather not speak than try and just have awkward small talk.

Im starting the gym and I get on we'll with his friends, is there a chance we'll ever become good friends again with time or are things just too damaged?
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  • Usually it's always a bad idea to engage in a romantic relationship with a friend and hope that when it doesn't work out that you can return to being friends.. it's just awkward for the people involved. I think he may have just said that to be nice.

  • Try it and see what happens.


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